Hand-made dreamcatcher will change a simple space or an ordinary piece of furniture into something very special. You can have it to go together with your teepee tent or it may beautifully decorate your little one’s room  by its own.

Every single design from Hanabu collection is hand-made and absolutely unique. We pay great attention to detail and to best-quality materials used.

Dreamcatcher elements like ribbons, small accessories may differ from those in the picture. We provide color compatibility to the Tipi model.

There  are 3 designs available matching 3 teepee sets:
1. Lovely Dragonflies (gray, white, pink)
2. Hanabu Gray #2 (white, pink, gray)
3. Hanabu Natural #2 (pink, natural, gray)

Patterned ribbons and knit

Approx. 17cm

**Please note: Washing is not recommended.**

Versanddauer: 3-5 days
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